Drawing again

I have always drawn - mostly over the last 20 years it has been kept to weekends and holidays odd sketchbooks, no consistency and discipline. Just dabbling. And no classes. 

I used to really love life drawing. The focus that is required. The challenge - the restrictions of time and processing what is right there in front of you. The humanness of it. I still have folios and folios of drawings from all those years ago.

But then somehow despite loving life drawing through my early one day I stopped and I didn't sign up for another class for nearly 20 years. And the weird part for me is that I am not even sure why. Why didn't I make more time for committing to drawing of any kind - why didn't I realise that it was essential? Why did I spend so much time looking almost everywhere else for the joy and happiness I can find in a simple drawing session?

So now I have committed to drawing sessions weekly - and soon hopefully more. Moving to our new home with drawing sessions around the corner has been a big plus. I must write more about that. How this for me - being very thoughtful about where I am living in terms of the life I want to live - really matters.